• School over Phone

    SmartSchool has advantage to its accessibility

    The smart phone friendly design lets administrators to view or edit the institution data anytime over the phone.

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  • Library

    Library management system

    SmartSchool provides simplified record keeping of book borrowers. The librarian as well as the members can have access to the details of the book that has been borrowed.

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  • Transport

    Safe and Efficient Traveling for Students

    Our application is included with a portal for organizing transportation. Parents will be advantaged by accessing route maps, boarding points and timings of school buses including driver details.

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  • RFID

    Managing Student Attendances

    Managing student and staff attendances can be made efficient with the application of RFID technology for scanning identity cards.

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Dashing Dashboards

With our simple yet elegant dashboard design, you would feel easier to recognize key features and experience convenient navigation.

Smart on Phones

Our SmartSchool software provides uninterrupted access to the application from anywhere at anytime with the gadgets that rules people’s lifestyle..

Easy Import/Export

With our fully functional software all the student/employee details can be effectively transferred between the frontend and backend of the software.

24*7 Accessibility

SmartSchool software is accessible 24*7. This feature really helps in overseeing all the educational as well as administration activities.

User Friendly

The master brains behind this technical excellence have developed the most user friendly platform that enhances the user experience to the fullest.

Structured Modules

We offer features of school management software by incorporating well-structured and organized modules to improve the efficiency of the system.

Handles funds effectively

All the financial and accounting needs are well-organized by the product, without failing to meet any of the clients’ requirements.


Our fully featured BBBC | SmartSchool offers you protection against all the possible threats that a software can encounter.

Digitizing the educational institutions to survive in this era of Mobile Apps and Smart Phones with a myriad of benefits to excel in academics as well as management.

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Administrative Staff

In this module Management can publish official announcements and notification for teachers, students and parents. They can review and manage details of payrolls, library, transportation, examinations.

Student Circle

Students can stay updated with daily class timetable and teacher allocations. They can also get notified with exam schedules, disciplinary warnings, fee payment details, library records or any alterations in class systems.

Teacher's Frame

Teacher module features the submission of class attendances and progress reports of students. It is designed so as to reduce the stress of teachers in managing the student records and academic curriculum's.

Parent Pavilion

Parents can monitor the performance of their children in both the academics and the extra-curricular activities. They can keep track of students attendance, fee payment, class schedules, exam timetables, progress reports Etc.

Investment In The Best Brains

If you are ready to take part in the digital school revolution, then this is the right destination for you.

SmartSchool ERP can deal with all the tasks that you need to face in an educational institution in its longest run. Our expert team can offer you the best product that you are looking for and offers full control over the system with its user-friendly feature.

Why Choose BBBC | SmartSchool

  • School Management Redesigned
  • Anywhere and Anytime
  • Smartly Organized Dashboard
  • Awakening The Future
  • Priceless For Less The Price!
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