Building your app is simple!

First step is to select a Template and a Layout that you like.

Second step is to select/customize the required colors to represent your brand. There are no limitations to what you can achieve to beautify your app here.

Third step is to select the features that you need in your app. You can organize your selected features using foldes to make your app look very structured and easy to use.

Just observe and learn how to customize one feature by watching this and next video. If you know one feature you already know how to set up all the features as they are very similar and self explanatory to fill the required content. Learn about all the available features and make use of those required!

Create topics to offer some lists of interests and get your users base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to. This way, send specific notifications and messages.

Last step is that you need to check and fill all the required content of your app. Later you need to submit your completed app for submission. We will take care of the publishing of you app to the respective app stores as per the package that you have subscribed.

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